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The second 5G maritime massive MIMO measurement campaign

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We are very glad to announce that the second 5G maritime massive MIMO channel measurement campaign with the autonomous boat 'DRONE 1' was successfully performed in our MAMIME project.

This measurement campaign was planned for some practical scenarios. The autonomous boat 'DRONE 1' developed and provided by Kongsberg Seatex AS, was used during our measurement campaign. We believe that the research of radio channel in the maritime environments can make a significant contribution to the Maritime 5G technology and autonomous boat communications.

Video link:

Measurement campaign participants and organizations

  • Kun Yang (Super Radio AS)
  • Kjell Kristiansen (Kongsberg Seatex AS)
  • Junyi Yu (WHUT)
  • Fang Li (WHUT)
  • Terje Mathiesen (NTNU)
  • Torbjorn Ekman (NTNU)
  • Anne Mari Hasfjord (Kongsberg Seatex AS)
  • Terje Røste (Super Radio AS)