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Massive MIMO channel sounder

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We are happy to announce one of our recent achievements in our research project with the title " LTE, WIFI and 5G Massive MIMO Communications in Maritime Propagation Environments "(MAMIME), funded by Norwegian Research Council, 2016-2019: Massive MIMO channel sounder with the largest antenna arrays
This channel sounder designed for Maritime propagation environment as well as indoor and outdoor propagation environments, can support up to 128 by 8 setups. 4 broadband antenna arrays are utilized and each array is with a dimension of 1070 x 630mm.
This work is part of a big team effort with many researchers from Super Radio AS, NTNU, Sintef IKT (project partners in MAMIME). The main contributors to establish the MAMIME massive MIMO Channel sounder are Vidar Ringset, Egil Eide, Torbjorn Ekman, Dag Kristian Rognlien, Terje Frøysa, Terje Mathiesen together with Terje Røste and Kun Yang.
A brief description and further measurement results plan to be presented in the next cost meeting in spring of 2018