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World's first maritime massive MIMO measurement campaign

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We are very excited to announce that in our MAMIME project, the world's first maritime massive MIMO channel measurement campaign with a research vessel for autonomous operations was successfully performed in Trondheimfjord.

MAMIME project funded by Norwegian Research Council Maroff program (2016-2019), aims to develop an optimized LTE and WIFI system and research dedicated 5G solutions for the maritime applications, especially for land-to-boat and boat-to-boat communications, which fits for both telecommunication R&D trend and Norwegian interests. These innovative solutions have the potential of extending the radio coverage and providing more stable radio link and much higher throughput.

Measurement campaign participants and organizations

  • Kun Yang (Super Radio AS)
  • Egle Eide (NTNU)
  • Terje Mathiesen (NTNU)
  • Kjell Kristiansen (Kongsberg Seatex AS)
  • Torbjorn Ekman (NTNU)
  • Junyi Yu (WHUT)
  • Fang Li (WHUT)
  • Jiahao Zhang (KU Leuven)
  • Terje Røste (Super Radio AS)
  • Tore Landsem (NTNU)
  • Christer Nesset (NTNU)
  • Anne Mari Hasfjord (Kongsberg Seatex AS)
  • David Hagen (Kongsberg Seatex AS)