Wireless communications is all about for Effective use of radio waves. Understanding of radio channel is the key success factor in wireless communications. Therefore, channel measurements are indispensable for wireless system design (see figure 1). It is the wireless channel that determines the ultimate performance limits of any communication system. Therefore, there are plenty of ongoing and proposed projects on the channel measurements and channel modeling all over the world. Wireless channel (impulse response) measurement equipment which measures, digitizes and stores radio channel impulse response with high resolution in delay, frequency and spatial domain, is called channel sounder. Even though radio channel sounding is a fundamental task for wireless communication engineering, to provide effective and high-quality channel sounding solution is very challenge which it requires special expertise and sophisticated radio channel measurement equipment: channel sounder.


Super Radio AS founded in 2014 in Oslo, provides professional maritime land-based broadband solutions, radio channel measurement/channel sounding solutions and related consultant services. Since 2016, Super Radio AS is leading the world’s first 5G Maritime communication project “LTE, WIFI and 5G Massive MIMO Communications in Maritime Propagation Environments (MAMIME)” funded by the Norwegian Research council. In 2017, World's first maritime 5G massive MIMO channel measurement campaign with a research vessel for autonomous operations was successfully performed in MAMIME project in Trondheimfjord.